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Dec 25, 2010

I have desire of you!

I want finish with everything. Yes, a simple accident is the best way. For put the blame on nobody, for me, for not be embarrassed, for no one try to find a reason…When you are down, when you see everything black when you have no future, when you have nothing to lose when… each moment is a huge weight, unsustainable. And you snort every time. And you just want to liberate, no matter how. Using the simplest, the easiest, the weakest one. You want forget the thought: “He is not here” And you wish not be here too. Disappear. Without problems, without annoy.

And this is only the first page, do you want to know more about? Read it!

Thanks girls, your gift is fantastic ;)

Forever together!

The song of the week XIV

Therefore it's Christmas the song of the week is relationated to this dates.

All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey, is our song of the week and the last song of the week of this year.

We know that the mayority of you will love it! We leave here the song!

Once again... MILADIES wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

You know you love us, you know we love you



Christmas day!

Today it's Chiristmas Day! So we take advantage of this day to wish you a Merry Christmas .                                                            

We hope next year you try to help us increasing your visits, putting comments or voting in our opinion polls.

For all our fans, for everyone who spent a little of time posting us, for everyone who has made this year special... MILADIES WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!




Dec 24, 2010


Hi guys!
Today I'm going to talk about Annie. I know that I was suppossed to do a blog for her fifteen birthday before. But I had to do some projects so I couldn't do it until know.

But... what can I say about Annie that I haven't said until now or she doesn't know?

She knows that I really love her and I consider her one of my best friends. I know that I can tell her everything and she will try to help me out, nevertheless she is not so good about helping people... but the intention is what matters.

And also she knows that I adore meet with her and have fun chasing the "pijo guay" or kicking a package of clay in the underground and all that things that if I start to tell them I won't finish

You're one of the best people I have met in my lifetime, because you and only you can make incredible sentences up such as: "Estoy de ti hasta la punta más abierta de mi pelo"

Annie never change, you are an incredible person and everyone who is near you can tell it! I know that I wouldn't find a friend like you, because you are special you are the one! And like you said in other blog our friendship is different, we aren't the ordinary friends that are lying all the time to each other, we are sincere although it hurts or it sounds rude! AND THAT'S WHY I REALLY APPRECIATE OUR FRIENDSHIP

Annie I love you a lot!




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Dec 4, 2010

December has just arrived!

December has just arrived and it brings us lots of important things such as:

Annie's birthday! Yes, it is just around the corner. Next Friday Annie is going to receive lots of gifts and we are going to sing to her Happy Birthday to you (8)!

But December not only brings us Annie's birthaday because it also brings us Christmas!Finally! I'm sick of waiting for Christmas time. I love it! The streets of Madrid become adorned and we sing carols. And this Christmas is a special one for me because a friend of mine is going to come here to spend four days with me, she is from Sevilla and she is really friendly so I know you would get on well with her but unfortunately many of you wouldn't meet her.

Don't you feel Christmas in the air?

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Oct 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Marta! Yes I´m making u a blog! The blog could be larger but why? Why repeat all the reasons that make u a good friend? Why tell everybody all the silly things that we have done? Why everybody must know what we do in the underground? Nobody need to know it, because we are friends, and we know it, nobody else have to know. You know I love you, that Ill be there for everything, that I support you ( not good but I do my best) , that Ill pick up the phone whenever you want, that you can rely on me, that I wont lie you, that Ill reply you in everything that I dont agree with you, that Ill get angry with you ( and you with me)But all this things are made by the love I feel for you.

Because Im not looking for a perfect friend, to my half, to a dog who only say yes, because I think that friendship is another thing. Is have someone near you, Feel never alone, Have someone who explain you maths and chemistry, Someone who feel proud of you, someone who answer you, because fights are a good simbol of friendships,someone you can talk about any topic and don´t get bored, someone who hear you when youre down, someone who make you smile.

And you're that person.

If were toghether, we can have the whole world.
Just because were BPE!

Thank you for everything and more!

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Oct 5, 2010

Do you know what happen tomorrow?

Yes, It`s Marta`s birthday!

Please visit us, nobody comments and the visits are decreasing! The number of visits is raising because I visit my own blog... ooohhh I know that is pathetic!

I have a friend, and a friend of her is famous due to heer blog. NOw she goes to cibeles fashion week, has followers... And the worst part is that only Marta´s friend visit our blog, my friends ignore me!Thank you Marta´s friend, we live of your visits!

And don´t forget that we are trying to be famous so help us :)

NB__I´ll try to write a blog about Marta tomorrow(because is her birthday) but I promise nothing.
She should understand me, I´m not very sympathetic and sensible, and less in public, even knowing that nobody except Marta will read it. And Lengua´s exam is there...


Jul 25, 2010

Liberty printed

Hi! Today I'm going to talk about Liberty printed.

For people who hasn´t heard me talk about them, it´s not the case of Marta, who know what they are by heart, Liberty is a patterned bassed on little flowers all over the garment. This patterned is good for everything: t-shirt, accessories… even trainers! Moreover, the flowers fits in every tipe of body constitution, they make you neither fatter or shorter. Please don´t let this fad goes!If you don't have any outfit with liberty printed...come on! what are you waiting for? Now Marta will give you some ideas:

Look this beautiful Mango dress it's perfect it is above knees, with a simple brown belt. Therefore it is a dress with shoulder straps it doesn't matter your body constitution, I mean it doesn't matter if you have a lot breast or not; the dress will suit you and you will look like Serena or Blair, I mean you will be as stylish as them.

Look this beautiful trainers the fact is that Annie is planning to buy them they are beautiful, I know you are agree with me but she has a problem she is undecided she doesn't know what pair of trainers she should choose. So come on help her and leave your comment giving your opinion. Annie in my opinion you should choose the purple ones. Both of them are designed by Munich.
[ In the end Ana has buy neither of them, I´ve now a grey and pink ones designed by puma, sorry Marta, I hadn´t told you. The blog is absolutely perfect, good job, now you are the one who have to practise :)]

I have bought recently a pair of liberty shorts by Zara and they are gorgeous. So I am going to show you them, if you buy a pair of shorts with liberty printed you will should combine them with a simple t-shirt without printed.

Maybe you are that kind of girl that prefers skirts instead of trousers, so in this case I give you two ideas, the first skirt has light colours and it is really short and the second one is larger than the first one and in dark colours. Anyway both of them are really stylish.

Then I'm going to show you a beautiful little handbag that has been designed by sfera with liberty printed in pink, green and red shades. This handbag is really cheap, its price is 10,95€.

So we are done. We hope you like our first fashion post we will blog more, so continue following us! And if you don't have your garment with liberty printed yet...come on go shopping and get yours!

You know you love us you know we love you.



Jul 21, 2010

The songs of the week VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII,XIII

Hi it's Miladies, here, again! Therefore during this days we weren't staying at home we couldn't blog the songs of the week so now I'm going to blog all the next songs of the week until the end of august because we won't blog in that long period of time.
Sometimes we can't blog the official videos so we blog the lyrics and we think it's better because with the lyrics you can improve your listening and your vocabulary.

The song of the week VII(12-jul-2010 to 18-jul-2010) is "WHAT IF?" by "JASON DERULO".

The song of the week VIII(19-jul-2010 to 25-jul-2010) is "CALIFORNIA GIRLS" by "KATY PERRY ft SNOOP DOG"

The song of the week IX (26-jul-2010 to 1-aug-2010) is "REPLAY" by "IYAZ".

The song of the week X(2-aug-2010 to 8-aug-2010) is "I LIKE IT" by "ENRIQUE IGLESIAS ft PITBULL" The song of the week X

The song of the week XI(9-aug-2010 to 15-aug-2010) is "HEY SOUL SISTER" by "TRAIN"

The song of the week XII(16-aug-2010 to 22-aug-2010) is "RUDE BOY" by "RIHANNA"

The song of the week XIII(23-aug-2010 to 29-aug-2010) is "NOTHING ON YOU" by "B.O.B ft BRUNO MARS"

We hope you like them hoping any comment or suggestion and we hope you are having nice holidays.

You know you love us you know we love you.



Jul 5, 2010

The song of the week VI

Marta, here! It's a new week so it's time to reveal which is our song of the week(5-jul-2010 to 11-jul-2010). Our song of the week isn't a really famous one however it is a really catchy song. The song is "Turn it up" by Pixie Lott you will enjoy it I promise you!You should see the official video therefore I coudn't blog it so I bloged the song with lyrics if you are spanish maybe you can learn new vocabulary who knows?

Finally I remember you that we have a new opinion poll about which is the summer song you can vote as songs as you want not like our former opinion polls and it lasts until summer ends and you have plenty of answers so come on and vote!

You know you love us, you know we love you.



Jul 1, 2010

Special review of our section "The song of the week" II

Hi it's Marta again! I bring you the second part of our special review of our section the song of the week. The fourth week(21-jun-2010 to 27-jun-2010) the song of the week was Body Control by Leighton Meester I love this song, so does Annie, it's a pity this song doesn't have a official video neither does the Madonna and David Guetta's song.

This week(28-jun-2010 to 4-jul-2010) the song of the week is Airplanes by Bob ft Haley Williams.

Our review has ended we are going to continue blogging our songs of the week every week.

You know you love us, you  know we love you.



Jun 29, 2010

Special review of our section "The song of the week" I

Hi again! I'm Marta. Today I feel like doing a special review of our music section. The first week(31-may-2010 to 6-jun-2010)the song that won the special award of being our song of the week was Sexy Bitch by David Guetta and Akon.

The second week(7-jun-2010 to 13-jun-2010)the song which won the special award of being our song of the week was Empire State of mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.

The third week(14-jun-2010 to 20-jun-2010) the song that won the special award of being our song of the week was Revolver by Madonna ft David Guetta.

I hope you like it, coming soon we will blog the second part and the new song of the week every week.


You know you love us you know we love you.

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Jun 28, 2010

Several fashion articles coming soon:)

Hello everybody!
I´m Annie. It´s time we talked about fashion, because we say that we`re very glamorous however you don´t know our fashion preferences. We both agree in that Gossip Girl shows the most beautiful outfits we´ve ever seen… and Blair´s headbands, they are absolutely wonderful, in fact, Blair is our favourite character.
From my point of view this year is one of the most stylish in my lifetime, it´s a pity I can´t wear anything :(. My favourite patterns , with no doubt and I´m sure that Marta agrees with my opinion, are the stripes and Liberty that are coming soon in our blog and a new special section named "How to dress like Blair Waldorf" Don't miss them!

You know you love us you know we love you



Jun 12, 2010

About us

Hi again!
I´m Annie. I'm going to talk about ourselves. Let´s begin with Marta, however I'd rather she wrote her part ! She´s tall, thin, stylish and glamorous. She has short brown hair and big dark green? nearly brown eyes. She wears red brand glasses which convines perfictly with all her beautifull clothes, but what matters is inside. She's very sympathetic and intelligent, even more than me but she shares her knowledges with everyone who needs her. I´m very grateful of being her friend, because she`s a reliable and kind person but when she´s in a bad mood... You´d better not discuss with her! But, even with all her defects, she`s marvellous.

About me, well i´m not good describing myself so... Marta you´d make me a big favour if you can descrive myself as well as I´ve done with you. One thing that I admit is that I´m not very good with new tecnologies however I love English and I need to improve it ( If you`re native and you see any mistake, let me know it please) I try to be the nicest , but I´ll always be a BPE , and I´m proud of it.

Hi! It's Marta.
Annie has already talked about me so I want to talk a little bit more about her although she has. Annie is a girl who has one of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. Her eyes are green with long eyelashes. She does love her long brown hair, don't ever say something bad about her hair if you really appreciate your life, it’s a joke but she will get really angry. She is tall and thin, she is glamorous which is one reason for me for being her friend. Because most of times we are agree about fashion. We love Audrey Hepburn, I'll tell you something curious: Annie wants to have a cat and to name it like Audrey's cat. Audrey named her cat, cat She loves Paris Hilton, however I hate her. I don't think that is necessary to say that Annie always convines her clothes, I said that she was glamorous; but if you see her and she isn’t wearing convined her clothes, don’t think that i’m lying, the fact can be that she is going to school she didn’t have time to choose her clothes , so she chose the first thing she found and I promise you that in this case she wouldn’t be as bad as other people. She is friendly and really intelligent she is one of the best students in our school. It’s time to say some bad things about her she can be so rude if you don’t get on with her, but I am ruder than her although I’m more patient; if both of us get angry with each other I promise you that I will be ruder and angrier. Annie, sometimes she can be a little jealous. Anyway being her friend for me it's grateful because well we can discuss but in two minutes we are laughing, talking, having fun... we can't be perfect and all that things but we are good and true friends not like other people. Annie it's one of the people that really know me, and you can tell her whatever you want, she is not good at comforting other people but she will listen to you and it's a simple thing that few people can do. I am not going to describe me because i won't describe me better than Annie has; not only about english also about the way and all that things. Finally I want to finish saying that I was a BPE, I am a BPE and I will be forever a BPE.

We will write more about us, but today, we are done.
Mirror mirror on the wall, who´s the BPEest of them all?

Hoping any comment

Annie & Marta

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Apr 9, 2010

Hello everybody!

Hi! What's up? We're new in this and we want have friends around world so, doesn't matter where are you from, please leave a comment here. It'll be better if you write in english [we also speak french but it's too difficult to write in this language] . Talk about whatever you want: fashion, music, sitcoms [ we suggest gossip girl :)], football, famous people... We just want meet teens from different countries.

Hoping any comment.

Annie and Marta

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