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Oct 5, 2010

Do you know what happen tomorrow?

Yes, It`s Marta`s birthday!

Please visit us, nobody comments and the visits are decreasing! The number of visits is raising because I visit my own blog... ooohhh I know that is pathetic!

I have a friend, and a friend of her is famous due to heer blog. NOw she goes to cibeles fashion week, has followers... And the worst part is that only Marta´s friend visit our blog, my friends ignore me!Thank you Marta´s friend, we live of your visits!

And don´t forget that we are trying to be famous so help us :)

NB__I´ll try to write a blog about Marta tomorrow(because is her birthday) but I promise nothing.
She should understand me, I´m not very sympathetic and sensible, and less in public, even knowing that nobody except Marta will read it. And Lengua´s exam is there...


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