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Jun 12, 2010

About us

Hi again!
I´m Annie. I'm going to talk about ourselves. Let´s begin with Marta, however I'd rather she wrote her part ! She´s tall, thin, stylish and glamorous. She has short brown hair and big dark green? nearly brown eyes. She wears red brand glasses which convines perfictly with all her beautifull clothes, but what matters is inside. She's very sympathetic and intelligent, even more than me but she shares her knowledges with everyone who needs her. I´m very grateful of being her friend, because she`s a reliable and kind person but when she´s in a bad mood... You´d better not discuss with her! But, even with all her defects, she`s marvellous.

About me, well i´m not good describing myself so... Marta you´d make me a big favour if you can descrive myself as well as I´ve done with you. One thing that I admit is that I´m not very good with new tecnologies however I love English and I need to improve it ( If you`re native and you see any mistake, let me know it please) I try to be the nicest , but I´ll always be a BPE , and I´m proud of it.

Hi! It's Marta.
Annie has already talked about me so I want to talk a little bit more about her although she has. Annie is a girl who has one of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. Her eyes are green with long eyelashes. She does love her long brown hair, don't ever say something bad about her hair if you really appreciate your life, it’s a joke but she will get really angry. She is tall and thin, she is glamorous which is one reason for me for being her friend. Because most of times we are agree about fashion. We love Audrey Hepburn, I'll tell you something curious: Annie wants to have a cat and to name it like Audrey's cat. Audrey named her cat, cat She loves Paris Hilton, however I hate her. I don't think that is necessary to say that Annie always convines her clothes, I said that she was glamorous; but if you see her and she isn’t wearing convined her clothes, don’t think that i’m lying, the fact can be that she is going to school she didn’t have time to choose her clothes , so she chose the first thing she found and I promise you that in this case she wouldn’t be as bad as other people. She is friendly and really intelligent she is one of the best students in our school. It’s time to say some bad things about her she can be so rude if you don’t get on with her, but I am ruder than her although I’m more patient; if both of us get angry with each other I promise you that I will be ruder and angrier. Annie, sometimes she can be a little jealous. Anyway being her friend for me it's grateful because well we can discuss but in two minutes we are laughing, talking, having fun... we can't be perfect and all that things but we are good and true friends not like other people. Annie it's one of the people that really know me, and you can tell her whatever you want, she is not good at comforting other people but she will listen to you and it's a simple thing that few people can do. I am not going to describe me because i won't describe me better than Annie has; not only about english also about the way and all that things. Finally I want to finish saying that I was a BPE, I am a BPE and I will be forever a BPE.

We will write more about us, but today, we are done.
Mirror mirror on the wall, who´s the BPEest of them all?

Hoping any comment

Annie & Marta

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  1. Anonymous15/6/10 18:44

    haha hello:)
    nice blog, very cool. I don't know how to say so I will say that I'm in order to start watching gossip girl, just because marta told me and she wants to keep me at the computer the whole summer! Yes, but she's adorable and very fashion same as Ana (or that's what marta says because I don't know she very well but I will if she wants, of course)
    So that's what marta says: QUE CUQUI!
    Be hippie! jajaja
    att: anonymous

  2. Hi Almu! It's Marta.
    I'm very proud of you because you are our first comment. You know you love me you know I love you. You are the best hippie I know! Be proud!

  3. aniiiaahhh ((LL))15/6/10 19:01

    olaaaa!!! sinto comntar n spañol xro sk ia podias aber exo 1 blok n frances q s m da mejor...deberias poner 1 resumn n spañol para catetas como io XDDD..weno priiimiii qe te a qedaooo geniaaal mnkantan los colores y las otaciones como son sncillas las ntiendo asta io..jejejeje
    1 besaaazoo peciosssaaa!!!

  4. Hi ana!

    You have to know how to speak english because is very important for your future. I'm so happy because you like our blog. Follow us!
    You know you love me you know I love you!


  5. aniiiaahhh ((LL))15/6/10 19:13

    yo se q s importante xro s me da peor qe mal!!!igual con ste block asta mejoro mi ingles y tooo..xDD
    te agradko q no scribas cosas raras n ingles cuando contestas y si m aorras buscar la traducion..jejejeje
    1 besaaazooo
    You know you love me you know I love you!

  6. Yes! Follow us and i'm sure you will improve your english a lot!

    Don't copy me!

    You know you love me you know i love you!

  7. Marta: In our poll is winning the pink and I´ve only signed once so... Please change it! I´d do it but I don´t know how :)

  8. Anonymous16/6/10 18:07

    Hi Marta & Ana!
    I'm Merilyn, (from school). I've been seen your blog and I only have a word to describe it: WAW!!, it's wonderfully decorated, great job, Marta!:) I'm very surprising, it's so beautyfull.
    I'll follow you every day I can. Congratulations!
    See you!

  9. Hi Merilyn! Thank you Merilyn! Please follow us and you know you will appear in our blog!

    See you

  10. Anonymous17/6/10 13:39

    You have a beautiful blog and opinion polls are also very good. I hope the next thing you write is something about the bablego! hahaha

  11. Anonymous17/6/10 13:41

    PD:I'm Laura from the school=)

  12. Yes Laura! Give us your spanish-bablego dictionary and we will blog it!

    Thank you for all your comments and votes!

    See you!



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