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Jul 5, 2010

The song of the week VI

Marta, here! It's a new week so it's time to reveal which is our song of the week(5-jul-2010 to 11-jul-2010). Our song of the week isn't a really famous one however it is a really catchy song. The song is "Turn it up" by Pixie Lott you will enjoy it I promise you!You should see the official video therefore I coudn't blog it so I bloged the song with lyrics if you are spanish maybe you can learn new vocabulary who knows?

Finally I remember you that we have a new opinion poll about which is the summer song you can vote as songs as you want not like our former opinion polls and it lasts until summer ends and you have plenty of answers so come on and vote!

You know you love us, you know we love you.



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