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Dec 25, 2010

I have desire of you!

I want finish with everything. Yes, a simple accident is the best way. For put the blame on nobody, for me, for not be embarrassed, for no one try to find a reason…When you are down, when you see everything black when you have no future, when you have nothing to lose when… each moment is a huge weight, unsustainable. And you snort every time. And you just want to liberate, no matter how. Using the simplest, the easiest, the weakest one. You want forget the thought: “He is not here” And you wish not be here too. Disappear. Without problems, without annoy.

And this is only the first page, do you want to know more about? Read it!

Thanks girls, your gift is fantastic ;)

Forever together!


  1. Your blog is absolutly super mega cool!!!!! I like it a lot of but... why in the photos any of you appear whit pistols???? (jaja)
    Merry cristhmas and a happy new year.

  2. Girls you have a wonderful blog i love it
    and very cooL girls (H)
    you rocks
    one kiss

  3. Thanks both!
    Cris, darling, of course we are cool, don´t you know that? And now you dont have any excuse for not visiting us, you have it for good! Post here instead of talking with you know who ¬¬
    Another kiss


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