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Jul 1, 2010

Special review of our section "The song of the week" II

Hi it's Marta again! I bring you the second part of our special review of our section the song of the week. The fourth week(21-jun-2010 to 27-jun-2010) the song of the week was Body Control by Leighton Meester I love this song, so does Annie, it's a pity this song doesn't have a official video neither does the Madonna and David Guetta's song.

This week(28-jun-2010 to 4-jul-2010) the song of the week is Airplanes by Bob ft Haley Williams.

Our review has ended we are going to continue blogging our songs of the week every week.

You know you love us, you  know we love you.




  1. aniiiaahhh ((LL))2/7/10 00:02

    os a qedao mu bn...
    aunqe ia podias poner grupos mas cañeros...rock...heavy ;)
    eso sempre son mjores n ingles y prsonal mnte los prefeririaa jejejjeejee
    xro mu bn
    teQeroo priiimmiii!!!

  2. Thank you ana you're one of our best followers! We don't like so much this type of music so I'm sure you won't find any heavy or rock song in this blog, however we hope you like our blog!

    Please continue following us!

    I love you, cousin!


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