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Oct 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Marta! Yes I´m making u a blog! The blog could be larger but why? Why repeat all the reasons that make u a good friend? Why tell everybody all the silly things that we have done? Why everybody must know what we do in the underground? Nobody need to know it, because we are friends, and we know it, nobody else have to know. You know I love you, that Ill be there for everything, that I support you ( not good but I do my best) , that Ill pick up the phone whenever you want, that you can rely on me, that I wont lie you, that Ill reply you in everything that I dont agree with you, that Ill get angry with you ( and you with me)But all this things are made by the love I feel for you.

Because Im not looking for a perfect friend, to my half, to a dog who only say yes, because I think that friendship is another thing. Is have someone near you, Feel never alone, Have someone who explain you maths and chemistry, Someone who feel proud of you, someone who answer you, because fights are a good simbol of friendships,someone you can talk about any topic and don´t get bored, someone who hear you when youre down, someone who make you smile.

And you're that person.

If were toghether, we can have the whole world.
Just because were BPE!

Thank you for everything and more!

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Oct 5, 2010

Do you know what happen tomorrow?

Yes, It`s Marta`s birthday!

Please visit us, nobody comments and the visits are decreasing! The number of visits is raising because I visit my own blog... ooohhh I know that is pathetic!

I have a friend, and a friend of her is famous due to heer blog. NOw she goes to cibeles fashion week, has followers... And the worst part is that only Marta´s friend visit our blog, my friends ignore me!Thank you Marta´s friend, we live of your visits!

And don´t forget that we are trying to be famous so help us :)

NB__I´ll try to write a blog about Marta tomorrow(because is her birthday) but I promise nothing.
She should understand me, I´m not very sympathetic and sensible, and less in public, even knowing that nobody except Marta will read it. And Lengua´s exam is there...

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