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Apr 9, 2010

Hello everybody!

Hi! What's up? We're new in this and we want have friends around world so, doesn't matter where are you from, please leave a comment here. It'll be better if you write in english [we also speak french but it's too difficult to write in this language] . Talk about whatever you want: fashion, music, sitcoms [ we suggest gossip girl :)], football, famous people... We just want meet teens from different countries.

Hoping any comment.

Annie and Marta

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  1. Anonymous15/6/10 19:47

    martaaa me encanta el blog en serio es super original y esta super una buena idea y sobre todo en ingles(que se note que vas al british jaja) un besito
    P.D:por lo visto tu amiga ana tiene unos ojazos :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Anonymous16/6/10 17:14

    Hi this is the true Rebe! xD I love your blog,it's delightful ;) please keep on blogging please!!!
    xo xo

  4. Thank you paula:)Follow us! We will write about fashion and more things! Yes Ana has a pair of green "ojazos" i'll show you a photo. We will write one thanking everyone who help us visiting our blog and putting comments, voting in our opinion poll... so if you want to be in this you just know what to do.

  5. jajaja rebe:)

    You'll have your blog with your beautiful dress I promise you! Give me a photo!

    Xo Xo

  6. Anonymous18/6/10 19:46

    Hello ana finally i can write you!!!!!!!! , i didn´t write before due to my tighty diary doesn´t mader. I like your idea about the blog so keep on i also will continiuo writing you and marta . I hope that you pass a good summer. See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i´m who you think , no?)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. aniiiaahhh ((LL))3/8/10 00:22

    hellooo primii!! siento aver stao tanto tmpo sin comntar..xro mary y su novio tan smpre ekiparando el ordenata..jejeje aver si aoraa puedo comntar mas amenudoo!! aver si nos vemos pronto!!
    te qerooooo!!

  9. Anonymous6/12/10 20:44

    martaaaaaaaa :) jajaja me encanta el blog. he leido tambien algunos articulos y escuchado las canciones un besito :) dentro de nada estoy alli incordiando jaja


Thanks for your comment, if you have a blog, we'll stop by as soon as it will be possible :)

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