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Jun 28, 2010

Several fashion articles coming soon:)

Hello everybody!
I´m Annie. It´s time we talked about fashion, because we say that we`re very glamorous however you don´t know our fashion preferences. We both agree in that Gossip Girl shows the most beautiful outfits we´ve ever seen… and Blair´s headbands, they are absolutely wonderful, in fact, Blair is our favourite character.
From my point of view this year is one of the most stylish in my lifetime, it´s a pity I can´t wear anything :(. My favourite patterns , with no doubt and I´m sure that Marta agrees with my opinion, are the stripes and Liberty that are coming soon in our blog and a new special section named "How to dress like Blair Waldorf" Don't miss them!

You know you love us you know we love you



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