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Jan 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

Whats up bloggers? Happy new year!                                            
But you that however it´s a new year we will make new entrys for all of you. We are brainstorming for achieve the best blog on the net!

And we have new and fresh ideas... Keep visiting us for know them!

But  if you really think about it, there´s a lot of new years:

  • In january: we could call it the official one.
  •  In june: a new summer, a new style of life, new people, disconnect from the routine, bye bye school, visit new places, relax, swimming pool, fun. 
  • In september: A new term, another school course, bye bye summer, meet with your classmates and your friends, with stregh and hope, again the routine, study, work hard.
But the most important one is now, in january. We must make some purposes for changing some aspect about us that we dont like or that we want just improve, but these purposes are just words, or thoughts, and if we arent convinced theyre impossible to execute. You could say I wont do this any more, I´ll forget him, but what really matters is that when you have the chance of your life to do it, you must know how to say no, not because somebody tells you what to do but for you, for your purpose, your promise, because you have thougth about that topic before, and you, when the last 2010´s bell you made, were convince about not do it, but you do.
These are the silly purpose, you must be strongh, stick on your idea, because only you could make the words true.
Hoping you have a wonderful year,

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