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Jan 11, 2011

Duffle coats!

Alexa Chung

She is one of the most stylish and trendy persons right now: Whatever she wears, it become a must have in all famous´ wardrove. I like her duffle coat , however it´s too  long for me, I prefer it three-quarter.
Taylor Swift

I really like the style of this girl. She shows us that for be famous, or dress well, or be an icon, you don´t have to wear broken jeans, shorts, and a lot of cleavage. She uses to wear bonnets,  a complement very stylish, warm and perfect for cold winter, shoulder bags. Please also noticed the laced shoes, I also like them, but it will  be better if we make other post only about shoes.

Red duffle coat

For winter I always prefer dark colours such as black, brown ( but never toghether dont forget) But the red duffle coat is also beautiful, it really depends on the brightness of the cloth.

After this images I hope you all love this elegant and cute garment. In my opinion it´s very stylish, and I don´t really mind if some people said that is too preppy, I still loving them.

And now that the sales are here, if you have seen any duffle coat ( a cute and not very expensive one ) please let me know it because i´m looking for one but I haven´t found anything so far.
Help! I plead you to put a comment if you have seen a good one in any shop or mall in Madrid (Spain). Thank you!
NB: I´m Annie. Marta prefers trenchs, and she´s already bought one.


  1. Anonymous14/1/11 21:47

    Ohhh i like your blog! So Cool! LOL

  2. Thankss! But next time you have to put your name CELIA... ooh, it´s because you dont want recognise that you love fashion and the duffle coats isn´t it? jaja Love uu!

  3. Que monada de jacke!!

  4. The Red Duffle Coat are very elegant, so pretty. this is perfect to the winter season.


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