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Feb 5, 2011



You aren´t going to believe what I´ve read!?

Must of you know that Leighton Meester ( Blair) has left Gossip Girl in the fourth season, because she wants to try new projects and evolution, but now ed Westmick, our charming, evil and wonderful Chuck is thinking about leaving the series too because he´s bored of his character and he wants to do another things.

I really can understand the decision, because even knowing that has a great success, maybe you can get bored, but without these characters, the serie will lose lot of fans. Because in my opinion, they were the more interesting, determined, and powerful characters...

Now, who is going to say: I´m Chuck Bass?



  1. Anonymous6/2/11 11:05

    I love gossip girl too ist so cool but i dont understand that decision, its horrible, Chuck and Blair are the best.
    i follow you!!!!!!!!!!

    this is my blog

  2. me encanta Leighton y amo a Chuck Bass(L)


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